Monday, October 12, 2015

Fawn River Nature Preserve

Drove up to Fawn River Nature Preserve  for a hike with J and the weather couldn't have been more  sublime. The entrance to the preserve was 800 ft. down a lane and  through a vine covered archway and was a puzzle to find.It was so warm we hiked without coats. According to the ACRES guidebook, the trail was only 1 mi. in length but nicely hilly to stretch our kinks out. We climbed down the river bank and walked along the water's edge. Maybe I'd even paddled through this section before. The Fawn is completely different type river from the St. Joe, curvy with lots of current and dead-falls in the water. We didn't see any wildlife until we were in the car headed out and then we saw a gang of turkeys in the middle of the road, but they stealthed away before we could get a photo. What a beautiful day.

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