Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I almost deleted my blog today. When I retire I'll lose all my photos anyway since my online work  presence will be erased. It's an uncomfortable feeling to see 30 years of life and work erased, even if it is by your own hand. At my last performance review I was instructed to clear out programming files even though a good portion of those files were added by other employees. I've gotten to the point of discarding almost everything since programming is so individualistic. I like the idea of future employees going to the files and finding virtually zilch. Here's a tree invent your own damn wheel.

I have 112 days until retirement. I count down the days with great anticipation at the same time admitting to trepidation. Am I making a colossal mistake? Will I have enough money for retirement? Will I end up on the street? My health is starting the long slow decline. Most days I feel like doing fuck-all.

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