Friday, October 16, 2015

Overheard a little girl pretend reading, "You have to come to my party, you can't just sit there and play on your phone all day." Her mother was sitting 2 ft. away on guessed it... smart phone. Her expression never changed, don't know if she was so entranced by her  phone she didn't hear it or she just didn't care. Either way, that little girl was petitioning in as polite a way as possible for some attention from her parental unit. In a couple years Mom will probably be wondering why her child is struggling at school and having behavioral issues. 

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Trobairitz said...

Things like this just make me sad. I refuse to get a smart phone and rarely even remember to bring my cell with me.

It still surprises me how much people are on their phones rather than engaging with the ones they are with. What a way to tell people what is on their phone is more important then they are. Sigh.